Puerto Rico Opens For Business






The Puerto Rico Builders Association and top Puerto Rican government officials present, “Puerto Rico is Open For Business” at recent ULI event in Miami. Pictured from left to right – Adam Greenfader– Principal AG &T, Ricardo Alvarez – President of Álvarez-Díaz & Villalón| President of the ACPR, Manuel Laboy – Secretary of the Puerto Rico Department of Economic Development and Commerce Denisse Flores – Director of BDO Puerto Rico, Daniel Acosta – Daniel Acosta: Senior Vice PresidentMcCormack, Baron, Salazar Inc., José Izquierdo – Executive Director of the Puerto Rico Tourism Company. #PuertoRico#UrbanLand Institute#PuertoRicoOpenForBusiness

In an afternoon lunch session almost half of the audience had either been to PR or was doing business on the island. The message from the speakers was clear. The time is now. After almost a decade of crisis, consensus is clear, “the bottom has been hit”, and now the island is in a position to grow due to three key elements:

  1. The approval of the US Congress’ Fiscal Committee
  2. Ricardo Rosello’s local government’s clear and present focus on growing the economy
  3. Some very lucrative tax incentives like law 20/22  that has drawn over 1,000 investors




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