Puerto Rico Elects to be # 51?

The current territorial status received 1.3% (6,820) votes, independence 1.5% (7,773) votes, and 97% (502,375) votes for Statehood, according to the State Election Commission.

vote art

This is the first time in Puerto Rico history that a Statehood referendum receives such an overwhelming majority of voters. 

 “The votes are what dictate what the steps to follow will be; in this case, a strong majority determined that we would reject the colony and favor statehood,” governor Ricardo Rosello said.

This process of petitioning Statehood will be effected under the “Tennessee Plan” whereby the governor will designate seven members to go to Congress and request Puerto Rico to become the 51st State.  

According to Resident Commissioner Jennifer González, the June 11, 2017 turn-out of 23% of registered voters (516,968) is in line with several states that were the last to achieved admission. 

  • Arizona – In 1911, a participation of 15,489 voters of a population of 217,000, for a 7% electoral participation.
  • Hawaii  – In 1940, 35% electoral participation.
  • Alaska – In 1946,  a participation of 16,375 voters of a population of 75,000, for a 21% electoral participation.