A Fiscal Plan Towards Economic Recovery

Old San Juan


On October 14, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico submitted its Fiscal plan. Here is my summary: 

Only with a change in federal policy and a change in the trajectory of the island’s economy toward real growth, will there be money for  debt service – while not jeopardizing the Commonwealth’s ability to provide essential services. 


  • U..S. citizens living in Puerto Rico must receive the same level of healthcare funding as citizens living in the 50 statesThe Commonwealth Can Achieve Efficiency Gains by Consolidating Overlapping Agencies and by Further Centralizing Procurement to Capture Cost Savings
  • Complete large-scale strategic projects to improve accesses and competitiveness including the Northwest Corridor (PR-22 highway from Hatillo to Aguadilla), the redevelopment of Roosevelts Roads, and the Caguas Commuter Rail
  • Position Puerto Rico as one of the premiere travel destinations of the world for local, domestic and foreign travelers by supporting the financing of 9 hotel construction projects currently on hold
  • Attract economic development, private investment, and tourism by expanding the Port of the Americas value added zone, improving the Aguadilla airport, and expanding the Panamericano docks to attract Quantum-like mega cruise ships.



Click here to see the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Fiscal Plan : https://issuu.com/adamgreenfader/docs/fiscal_plan_v_final