Magnetic Elevators and the New Air Rights Boom


Before the invention of the modern-day elevator in 1853, we were limited on how high we could build without walking the stairs being extremely uncomfortable.

The elevator revolutionized how we built, we build higher and higher, the sky’s the limit! Elevators are either on a vertical lift or pulley system but, now we move vertically and horizontally within the same elevator. How?

I thought that was only possible in movies such as Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

Well the future of elevators is Magnets! German company ThyssenKrupp (  has announced that the era of elevators being pulled up by cables is over and the era of magnetically operated elevators are the new thing. The future of the way people move inside buildings will be changed by The MULTI revolution in elevator construction, providing completely new perspectives and a whole new world of opportunities for developers, architects, planners, and operators.

ThyssenKrupp proposes employing linear motors in which several elevators can be used in one single shaft simultaneously both vertically and horizontally. This innovation creates shorter wait times, increased capacity, reduced weight and mass, and 25 percent more usable floor space.

With taller skyscrapers being developed this innovation will be critical and have a direct effect on an owner air rights. As we continue to build higher with the introduction of MULTI and with restrictive zoning codes with a cap on height, smaller developments air rights will become increasingly more valuable. Combined with new technology and the ability to sell more air rights, we now have more incentives to create more density in urban areas.





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