Housing; The New Subscription Model

Housing New Subscription


Housing; The New Subscription Model

Subscriptions have been around for decades – from magazines, to newspapers, streaming television and even food delivery. But why stop there? Now housing has joined the long list of products that consumers can subscribe to.

Companies such as Common (www.common.com) and Roam (www.roam.co) have gotten it figured out. These companies have created an innovate housing model where an individual pays a weekly or monthly fee, just as they would pay rent, and they are able to sign short leases at least 3 months, and at the end of the lease, move to another location within the network. 

Guest have their own private bedroom and bathroom in a unit and might share the kitchen and living room with other guests. Along with the weekly or monthly subscription, utilities, cable, laundry, and weekly cleaning of your room are also included. These fully furnished co-living units also aim to promote shared interactions with a diverse community by building out plenty of gathering spaces for events, meetings and classes.

Subscription housing is an affordable and flexible option for those people that are on the go or for someone that may need to move to a city quickly and/or needs more time to find a home. Subscription Housing can be a great aid to a stress-free move.

In some high cost cities like New York or San Francisco, you will save more money living in a co-living development versus renting an unfurnished studio apartment.

Ideas: Co-living makes extremely expensive cities affordable to live in. In a city like San Francisco monthly rental costs can range from $2800 for a studio to $3500 for a one-bedroom apartment. Compare this to only $1500-2500 for a room within a co-living space or $1000-1500 within a shared house.



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