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Climate change, global warming, and other environmental phenomenon is forcing us to adapt the way we build.  

Our thought leadership series was created to explore how new innovations, technologies, and construction methods are challenging our paradigms. Our hope is that these forward looking thoughts help stimulate new opportunities. From our team to yours:

Creative Director – Steven Kelly has a Bachelor in Fine Art in Communication Design from Pratt Institute and a Master Degree in Computer Applications. Steven Kelly multi-faceted approach to creative development places him amongst top creative leaders in his field.

Master Writer – Brandon Orlando Fennell is a native of Lithonia, Georgia. He is graduating in May 2018 with a Master of Urban Design and Master of Real Estate Development from the University of Miami. Brandon has a passion for giving back and plans to shape the world for more African American architects, urban designers, and developers.

Numbers Cruncher – Ariel Newfield has a comprehensive education in real estate from the University of Miami, with a Masters of Real Estate Development and Urbanism and Construction Management.  Ariel’s global perspective inspires him to make complex financial real estate transactions clear to all parties involved.

The Orchestrater –For Adam Greenfader it’s all about the synergy of great teams, thinking outside of the box and producing innovative ideas and real estate products.